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How To Check For Roof Hail Damage

Damaging storms sweep across Kansas City every year. How can you check for roof hail damage?

Depending on the type of material on your roof, signs of damage will vary. One thing that roofs have in common are metal accessories, such as vents and valleys. These are a great starting point for checking for roof hail damage. Dents and dings in these areas are easy to spot, and are a telling sign of damage. Here are helpful signs to look for on your specific roofing material:


On an asphalt roof, hail damage can be seen by missing granules. When hail stones are large enough to cause damage, granules are knocked off of shingles. More obvious signs include the shingles blown off of your roof, and cracked shingles.


Hail damage on a metal roof will look much the same as on metal accessories, as described above. Dings and dents in metal panels prove that hail has left its unsightly mark, compromising your roofing system.


Wood shake shingles split when they are hit by hail stones of significant size. While pea-size hail rarely leaves enough damage to concern yourself over, hailstones that are 3/4″ or larger in diameter warrant a close inspection of your roof. This size of stone will cause splits or punctures in a wooden shake shingle. Further, because wooden roof materials often develop organic growth, hail damage can be seen when moss and surface growth has been wiped away by impact.

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What if I didn’t know my roof was damaged?

Sometimes roof hail damage is discovered a while after the storm has rolled in and out. Most insurance companies allow a twelve-month window from when a storm hits to file a hail claim.

What is my first step?

If you suspect that your roof has been compromised by a hail storm, a great place to begin is on our interactive Hail Map of Kansas City. Check your neighborhood for significant hail instances in the past twelve months. 

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Our team excels in insurance work. We make it our priority to ensure that from start to finish, your project runs smoothly and without headache. This means that we will perform our due diligence to make sure you receive any and all compensation you might be entitled to for your insurance claim. We will walk you through the process and will work directly with your insurance company. Read More

How Long Do I Have To Make An Insurance Claim After Hail Hits?

This single question brings several hundred visitors to our website each month, and they’re often surprised by the answer. Most insurance companies allow you up to twelve months to file a claim on hail damage. However, it’s best not to wait that long! Hail damage can cause substantial damage to your roof and home. As your roof plays a vital role in protecting the rest of your home (and your family and belongings within it), you want to make sure it is up to the task! Read More

How Much Will My New Roof Cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into determining what exactly your new roof will cost, and so the actual number is quite subjective. However, we want to provide you with solid information that will help act as a roofing cost calculator, helping you to gain a clearer picture of what kind of investment you are looking at. We’ll explain the factors that go into the price of a roof. We’ll also give you an insider’s look at some real numbers, so you can be informed as you head into this investment. Read More

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