Damaged Windows? Find Out If They Are Covered By A Window Warranty

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Everything You Need To Know About Window Warranties

In our last warranty post, we outlined what exactly a “Lifetime Warranty” is, and answers to your other questions regarding roof warranties. Today we are taking a look at windows.

Most products today do have a warranty, and your roof, siding, and windows are no exception. Understanding what is included in your warranty, and how the process of a claim works, will save you from a lot of headaches. So let’s get started.


What Is Included In A Window Warranty?

A reasonably priced window from a reputable installer will come with a strong warranty. The warranty from the manufacturer will cover any defects found in the window for the life of the warranty. In most cases, it will usually cover the cost of the repair or replacement as well.

Common problems that might fall under warranty are:

  • A foggy interior of window
  • Cracked frame
  • Broken or defective hardware such as locks
  • Many warranties will cover the screens and even if the glass is accidentally broken. Even if it was a baseball that did the deed.

There is a chance that the windows were improperly installed, and if that is the case the previous installer can sometimes be held liable depending on their own workmanship warranties.

The best way to understand your windows warranty is to contact a qualified and reputable installer who is experienced in window repairs. They will be able to identify the window (if you are not sure what brand it is), and will help you determine whether the damage is covered under the warranty.


Warranty Claim For “Foggy” Condensation

The most common problem with newer windows failing is that they begin to condensate in between the panes, causing a foggy and unsightly window. (click here for more information)

Depending on the window, this can be a simple warranty claim; and the process of ordering and installing a new glass insert, called the glass pack, should be a painless process. The repairman will measure the dimensions of the window, noting the glass thickness as well as any dividers that may be present in the glass. An exact replacement is ordered, and will take about two weeks to receive. The installation of the new glass will take about an hour, depending on the size and type of frame.

If an entirely new window is needed, Vinyl replacement windows are an excellent option. Their replacement is a quick process, and most replacement windows come with excellent warranties. The replacement window can even be ordered to match most common windows.

If you have damage to your window that you believe may be covered by a warranty, your best first step is to call a qualified, experienced, local window contractor, and allow them to assist you in the process of your warranty claim and window replacement.

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