Should I Consider Window Replacement Before Listing My House?

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window replacement

Should I Consider Window Replacement Before Listing My House For Sale?


Every homeowner preparing to sell their house has the same questions; what they can do and should do to aid in the sale of their home. Most seem to agree that a fresh kitchen remodel and updated bathrooms are perhaps the best way to add value and hasten the sale of their home. However, if your windows are rotten or leaking, then window replacement may be an important investment!


How Window Replacement Improves Your Home’s Value And Desirability

Some of the things that we are concerned about as homeowners are safety, security and comfort.

Safety is a concern as old windows can be difficult to open in an emergency due to layers of paint, or broken mechanisms or locks. Additionally, modern windows can be tempered to prevent large razor sharp shards in the event of breakage. As well if a window or screen does happen to break, our Premier windows include an accidental breakage warranty in the event of those all too common unfortunate incidents.


Security concerns of old windows are that they are often made of only a single pane of brittle glass. Old glass poses only a slight barrier to an intruder, whether that intruder is a baseball or an unwelcome visitor. Modern windows are much less brittle than older windows, and with the addition of security glass, this concern can be mitigated. In addition to modern or security glass, new locks and strong window frames make your investment of new windows a sound one. (Click here to learn more about high security windows)


Comfort of a home is perhaps the most dramatic impact that the addition of new, energy efficient windows can have. More than additional attic insulation, and more than additional wall insulation, using window replacement to upgrade from old windows to new energy efficient windows is the best way to improve the comfort in your home, increasing its appeal to prospective buyers. Buyers will also benefit from lower utility costs, which is another great selling point!


In the Kansas City real estate market, new windows can be a big selling point for your home. And our professional installers can make quick and clean work of those old windows in time for your home to go on the market.

When the time comes for the home seekers to check out your beautiful home, be sure to point out the hard work and upgrades that you have put into your house, and allow them to imagine what it would be like to be in a home with brand new, energy efficient windows!

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