How Much Does Window Installation Cost In Kansas City?

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window installation cost

How Much Does Window Installation Cost

And Can I Purchase Them Myself And Have A Contractor Install Them?


We get the question once in a while; “Can I buy the windows, and just have you install them?”

And the short answer is sure thing, if you already have, or are planning on ordering the windows, we are more than happy to install them for you. When it comes to window installation cost, we understand that you are simply looking to make a wise financial choice. We respect that, and as experienced window contractors, we want to help you understand the details and see the whole picture so that you can make an educated decision.

That being said, any reputable company will have a bit of a list of very good reasons why this can cause some problems. While the short answer is: yes of course we can install the windows you purchase, the long answer sheds light on why any contractor would be hesitant to wade into these types of projects without some clear expectations and guidelines.


Below we will line out a few of the most common reasons why this plan can quickly go south!


First of all, who will be measuring the windows? As a rule, the best person to make the final measurements before ordering the windows would be the person installing them. Besides the benefit of getting the installer into the home to make a solid materials list so that on install day there is nothing missing, they can then also make a list of the tools and equipment needed to do an efficient and timely install. Another reason for this is small but significant, and that is because every installer has his own clearances and methods for installing.

Next, you must consider the risk. As a company if we mis-measure a window, we take responsibility and order the correct window at no additional charge. With replacement windows especially, every window is a little bit different, and some very tiny mistakes can lead to a bad window, or an entire order that cannot be installed as planned! Besides the window sizing, the process of measuring involves a thorough inspection of every window, checking to be sure it is squared, and that the sills are not rotten. Colors and finishes are thoroughly checked to ensure not only a solid install, but an attractive end product!

If your home is old enough to need new windows, then often it has aged enough to also have other problems that need to be corrected. When the window installer can inspect and measure each window himself, he can be sure that there is a plan for any odd openings or other situations. Whether additional shims are needed, or a sill needs to be replaced. They also check to be sure that there are no issues on the inside that could hinder a quality install.

So the final question is asked: Do you mark up the window installation cost of materials? And the answer is yes of course, as in every industry we do. But hopefully you can see that the markup on the cost is not a gouging maneuver, but compensation for taking full responsibility for every aspect of your project as communicated, from start to finish. Allowing us to handle every part of the project from start to finish allows us to have the best quality control, and allows you our customer the best possible experience!


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