Window Frame Repair Kansas City

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window frame repair


When it comes to window frame or sash damage, you are likely to see more damage in wooden window frames. Wood window frames are susceptible to wood rot, cracks caused by prolonged sun exposure, and termite damage.

There are several preventative measures you can take in protecting your wood windows. These include repainting your window frames every few years, and filling any cracks with caulk. However, these measures only go so far, and eventually you will need to consider replacing your windows.


Window Frame Repair

What You Need To Know


Wood Rot Repair

If a significant section of your wooden window frame has rotted, one of the couple of options you have is to repair the area with a epoxy filler. This will require an extensive procedure, beginning with the dislodging of the rotted wood using a chisel, or different specialty tools designed for odd angle cuts.

Make sure to use a wire brush to brush away at any small debris within the rotted area. And be sure to rid the area of any mold that may have developed.

You should then soak the entire area with liquid epoxy “consolidant”, allow the wood to absorb the liquid epoxy, then repeat the process a few times. Next you can apply the epoxy filler, and then finally sand the area down once dry.

If you have wood rot on your window frames, you may want to consider simply calling in a professional, as it is a rather inexpensive repair. A good contractor will be able to rid the frame of rotten wood and replace it with new wood. They will then “wrap” the wood in aluminum to protect the wood and seal out the elements. 

If you have considerable wood rot, it is best to replace the entire window. Call in a local professional to assess the damage and provide you with a free estimate for window replacement. 


Stuck Double-Hung Window

If you have a double-hung wooden window frame, one of the issues that may present itself over time is the frame becoming stuck, unwilling to open. This is a common issue here in Kansas City, as it can be caused by the wood frame swelling due to high humidity. This can also be caused by dirt and grime building up in the frame, or by paint buildup from repeated repainting.

Begin addressing the problem by simply cleaning out the window frame. Scrub away at any built up grime or dirt. You may need to use a chisel to get at some of the stuck debris within the nooks and crannies of the window frame.

If paint buildup is the culprit, try using a utility knife to carefully cut way at any excess paint buildup around the moveable window sash.

After removing any grime and built up paint, if the window still refuses to open, you may need to wait until the humidity drops. If still your window does not open, call in a professional to diagnose any further issues.


Put a stop to the damage…

Whatever issues you may be having with your wooden window frames, just remember that even small damage will continue to develop into more extensive damage. It is always best to address an issue right when it is first noticed, and resolve it before any further damage takes place. If there is already significant damage, then be sure to call in a qualified, local professional to restore or replace your damaged window frames.



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