Siding Repair – Is It Time To Replace Or Simply Repair?

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The Answers To Your Siding Repair Questions


Have you noticed chipping, cracking, holes, or discoloration on the siding of your home? Perhaps you were out one day clearing some brush or cleaning up around the outside of your home, when you discovered damage to your siding. You might be asking yourself if the damage present warrants your home in need of new siding, or if it is small enough to only require some repairs. We are here to help you answer that question.


First, What Kind Of Damage Has Been Done?


Here in Kansas City, storm damage is a very real threat to the exterior of your home. Hail, wind itself, and the debris thrown at your home from high winds, all pose potential peril to your house. Here are some of the possible types of damage that can take place on your home’s siding.


  • Split or cracks, sometimes in the shape of a half circle, can appear running parallel to the siding panels.
  • Chipping takes place when an actual chunk of a siding panel has been taken off, often by hail or other storm damage.
  • Holes happen when hail or other debris strike your siding. If holes appear, the siding panels will need to be replaced in order for them to protect your home.
  • Paint damage happens when hail or other debris chip away at the paint on your siding, or cause the paint to peel back, sometimes in large chunks.


Will my siding need to be replaced, or repaired?


This is a difficult question to nail down an answer for unless the siding has been inspected by a professional. Fortunately, siding contractors should be able to offer you a free estimate on any repairs or replacement that your siding is in need of. This is why it is worth it to place a simple call, have a professional come out, and make sure the damage is addressed and corrected properly.

When you are choosing a contractor to work with, make sure you hire one who specializes not only in siding installation, but also repairs. This way you can take the more affordable route of a simple repair if that is all that is needed.


What if only one area or one side of the house has been damaged?


If only one part of your home needs to be re-sided, your contractor should be able to help ensure that the new siding on your home matches the whole house. If an insurance claim is involved, there is often a provision within the policy that guarantees that if the original siding on your house cannot be matched, then insurance will cover the cost of your entire home to be re-sided. Make sure you work with a contractor who understand the insurance claim process, and will work directly with your insurance.


If you have noticed any chipping, peeling, holes, cracks, or other damage to your siding, don’t wait to have it inspected. These types of damages can quickly escalate into unsightly and irreversible damage that will require a full replacement of your siding. Call a reputable contractor as soon as you notice any damage to your home’s siding.


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