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A few important questions to ask before you hire a siding contractor…

Are they local?

It is always wise to work with a local contractor–one who has a home base located within your city. A local contractor is readily available to be on-site during the project, and to maintain communication with you throughout the entire process.

How many years have they been in business?

An estimated 80% of new business fail within their first year and a half of service.

Choose a contractor who has proven themselves through the test of time to offer quality, professionalism, attention to detail, and tremendous customer care!

What types of questions are they asking you?

The type of contractor you should be looking for is the one who will invest their time in finding out what you, as the customer, are looking for. Along with offering their own professional opinion, they should be asking the types of questions that make your personal style and preferences a priority.


siding kansas city

Siding Kansas City With Superior Options


Heartland Polymer Siding has been rated America’s #1 exterior siding by a leading consumer magazine for the last 6 years.

Heartland puts the discerning homeowner at ease by providing durable vinyl siding in Kansas City that requires minimal maintenance. Rest assured knowing that your home will maintain its brilliance with Heartland’s water-resistant, fade-resistant vinyl siding.

Heartland is siding Kansas City with quality and care by meeting ASTM standards for wind load, impact resistance, and appearance. 


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