Does My Siding Hail Damage Warrant An Insurance Claim?

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Siding Hail Damage

Siding Hail Damage

Should I File An Insurance Claim For Siding Hail Damage?


The first things that we usually think of during or shortly after a hail storm are our vehicles and our roof. But what about siding hail damage? The chances are high that if your roof suffered storm damage, then you might have siding hail damage as well. And if you don’t take care to check out your siding and mention damage during an insurance inspection, then you might miss out on compensation that is due to you to cover the siding repair or replacement. So, what are you looking for?


What To Look For 

It can be difficult to tell whether indents in your siding were caused by a recent storm, or if they were present prior to the storm, caused by a different source such as a stray baseball or fallen tree branch.

Siding hail damage looks like small indents that may or may not cause an actual hole or puncture in the siding. If it does go so far as to pierce the siding panel itself, then your home is susceptible to water damage. These indents can sometimes be easier to spot when the siding is sprayed down by a hose. Hail damage will not normally looks like scratches on the siding surface or slices.

Aluminum siding is the most susceptible type of siding to hail damage. Hail stones will easily dent and puncture your aluminum siding. Vinyl and wood siding will also show hail damage manifested as cracks, dents, and chipped paint.


The First Step To Take After Possible Siding Hail Damage

After substantial storms, it will be quite evident whether or not your siding suffered damage that would warrant a hail claim. However, in short storms of lesser impact, it can be difficult to tell whether your have siding hail damage. The best thing to do as a homeowner is to call a local, reputable contractor to come and inspect the damage for you.

Ideally, use a contractor who specializes in both siding and roofing, that way they can inspect your whole house for possible damage. It is also important to make certain that the contractor you have come out is experienced in storm damage and insurance claims—this can save you a whole lot of headache, and help you to receive the hail claim that you might be entitled to. A good contractor will be well familiar with all of the possible line items of a hail claim that should be included in your paperwork and payout.

On that note, oftentimes when a hail claim includes compensation for more than one area of your home—say you roof, siding, and windows need to be repaired– there are additional inclusions that need to be a part of your claim to help cover the labor costs. Make sure you ask your contractor about this.

This spring Kansas City suffered substantial hail all across the area, from Harrisonville all the way up to Trimble area. We have been working hard all across the city to make sure homeowners are receiving the compensation that they are due, and end up with quality roofs, siding, windows, and customer care. Check out our interactive hail map to see whether your home was in one of the hail damaged neighborhoods, and call us today at (816) 436 – 2050 or fill out the form here to schedule a free inspection.

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