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A Career Is An Investment

We believe that time is a priceless asset. We also believe that you should work somewhere where you can stop simply spending your time, and begin investing it in your future. A place where you can be heard and valued, where you can both learn and share your ideas, and a place where you can advance in your career.





We believe your workplace should be…


Conducive to personal growth and development


A place you can utilize your experience and expertise


A place where your ideas are valued


A team working environment


A company you will be proud to work for


80% of our work comes through referrals from our highly satisfied customers, and they’re not the only ones satisfied. Our team members are proud to stand behind the name of Premier. 

We are a Kansas City local company, and have been serving the greater Kansas City area for 35 years. With our meticulous attention to detail and exceptional customer care, our sales managers’ closing rates are well above the industry standard. Premier is a name you will be proud to stand behind.

It’s Time.

Begin investing your time where it really matters. In a place you can see a clear return on your investment—in a job where you can fully utilize your experience and expertise, alongside of a team you can move forward with. This is exactly what you will discover at Premier.