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Here are some common issues that lead to a leaking skylight:

  • Condensation buildup:  moisture gathers on the inside of the skylight, usually a product of faulty installation or an overfull condensation channel on your skylight
  • Damaged or corroded roof flashing
  • Water in the roofing upslope of a skylight


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There are many benefits to having skylights installed on your home.


They improve the look and feel of your home, make your home more energy efficient, and welcome in a whole new level of natural lighting and warmth.

However, these benefits seem to pale as soon as a “plop….plop…” of wetness signals a problem. When a leak shows up, your skylight quickly moves from benefit to burden.

When you realize your skylight has a leak, it’s imperative that you have the problem diagnosed and corrected right away, before any further damage is made to your roof, ceiling, or flooring. So, what can you do about a leaking skylight?

Where is the leak?

Take a close look at your skylight and see if you can determine where exactly the leak is coming from.

1.  If there are water stains near the top of your skylight, then your leak is most likely the product of damaged flashing. The flashing on the roof itself surrounding the skylight area may be damaged, or the root of the problem could be damaged flashing on any nearby vents or pipes. In either case, it’s best to call a reputable roofing company to come further diagnose and correct the issue.


2.  If the water seems to be sneaking in through the bottom of your skylight, you may be looking at condensation buildup. You are more likely to see this problem during either extreme humidity, or extremely cold temperatures. Skylights are designed with a “Condensation Channel” to trap any condensation, but when too much condensation fills up the channel, it can overflow and drip down into your home.


It is important that you don’t just assume the problem to be condensation. A leaking skylight can cause significant damage to your home over time. So don’t let your skylight be a burden. Get an expert opinion, and make sure the problem is properly diagnosed and corrected.