Is It Time To Replace Your Wooden Shake Roof?

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shake roof


There is no denying that wooden shake shingles add a certain beauty and eloquence to a house. However, they can also be a headache to maintain. Especially with the extreme weather we see here in Kansas City, a wooden roof will deteriorate over time, losing both its appeal as well as its ability to protect your home.


3 Common Issues With A Wooden Roof:


1. Weatherization. Especially here in Kansas City where our weather can be a bit…extreme…intense heat, sun exposure, rain fall, and hail will cause a wooden roof to deteriorate much faster than in a more moderate climate.

2. Distortion or “Cupping”: Moisture will cause wooden shake shingles to curl upwards at the edges over time, distorting the overall appearance of the roof.

3. Splitting:  Wooden shake shingles incur small cracks called “checks”, which, once they make their way through the entire shingle become a split. In Kansas City, these splits are most commonly caused by moisture absorption and hailstrikes. Once a wooden shingle is completely split, it can easily be blown off the roof by strong winds. This will cause the underlayment on a roof to be exposed to sunlight and weather, which will eventually lead to moisture leaking through your roof and into your home.


Keep The Elegance Of a Shake Roof, Without The Hassle!


If your wooden shake roof has lost some of its stunning quality due to time and weather, it might be time to consider replacing it.

Here’s the good news:  your home can still boast the beauty and quality of a shake shingle roof, but for a lower cost and less maintenance!

Today’s roofing technologies have afforded homeowners the ability to put a gorgeous shake style roof on their home without the concerns of wood roof deterioration. As a homeowner, you have many options of unique synthetic shake roofing systems to choose from.

Don’t be deterred by the word “synthetic”, here; a synthetic shake roof offers you all the beauty of a shake roof, without the extra expense and maintenance.


davinci roof installer


DaVinci Synthetic Shake and Slate Roofing Systems


If you are looking to replace your wood roof without giving up the elegance of a shake roof, we recommend going with a DaVinci Roofscape System.

DaVinci Roofscapes offer a unique, state-of-the-art engineered synthetic slate or shake roof. This roofing system will bring to your home an unsurpassed beauty matched with extraordinary durability. Not only that, but over the course of your roof’s lifespan, you can save up to 50% compared to the costs of a natural shake roof!

DaVinci offers one-of-a-kind lines of synthetic shake and slate shingles. Take a look here! 





CertainTeed Presidential Shake


Another great option for a shake-style roof without the extra cost or maintenance is to go with a CertainTeed. CertainTeed offers a wide range of Designer, Premium Designer, and Luxury shingles, all with exceptional and exclusive color and shape attributes. And because they are CertainTeed shingles, you can be sure that no matter which style you choose, your home will be protected by noteworthy strength and durability.

See it for yourself—take a look at CertainTeed’s Presidential Shake Shingle, Here


How Much Do Synthetic Shake Roofs Cost?


Synthetic shake roofs such as a DaVinci Roofscape or a CertainTeed Presidential Shake roof will cost you a  more than a regular asphalt roof. The cost up front will likely be similar to that of a wooden shake roof. However, the maintenance costs will be next to nothing.

Over time, you will save much more by going with a synthetic shake roof over a wooden shake roof, which requires extensive maintenance.

Make sure you ask your roofing contractor for several style and pricing options, as well as if they are offering any specials, rebates, or discounts. You can also ask about low-minimum financing to keep the cost of your synthetic shake roof well within your budget.

If you are ready to replace your weathered wooden shingles with a beautiful new shake roof, consider options such as the ones above to keep costs and maintenance requirements to a minimum. Call a local, reputable contractor today and let them walk you through your various options for a synthetic shake roof.




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