The Ultimate Guide to Mountain Biking in Kansas City

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The Ultimate Guide To Mountain Biking in Kansas City

Recently, mountain biking has grown quickly in areas that may have not long been known for mountain biking. New horizons have opened up with recent improvements and additions to the Kansas City trail systems, which is great news for those of us looking to hit the trails! And there might be more of us than we thought. In the Kansas City area, the demand for mountain bike and multi-use trails has skyrocketed! If you are new to the area, new to the sport, or are taking the dive back into mountain biking in Kansas City– then you are in the right place, and we can point you in the direction of some fantastic trails!


Local Mountain Biking Clubs

No matter the activity, local clubs have always been the best place to start. Other sources of information on trails, conditions, gear, bike shops, etc. can be incomplete. However, clubs allow you to connect directly with the local riders and ask questions, set up rides, get connected for trail maintenance days and the lot more. Keep in mind that perhaps the best place to connect with these riders before the ride is on social media, most often on Facebook Groups. The leading Club in the KC area are the Earth Riders and on their website can be found the community, trail information, and events!

Links to Local clubs:

Earth Riders

Central Kansas Mountain Bike Club


Apps and Maps

If you are an experienced cyclist, then you will likely have your go-to Apps and Maps to help you keep track of your rides, as well as locate new trails. Kansas City has some real sweet spots, and these resources can give you exact information about what you can expect from a new trail. Details you will see on these apps can be wide-ranging, from updated trail conditions, to difficulty level, exact distance, elevation and obstacles. For the competitive cyclist, these apps can also inform as to fastest known times and other local challenges! Some popular apps are listed below. Keep in mind that trail runners often run the same trails, so check with them for new trails and running sites as well, just keep in mind that some trails do not allow bikes.




Kansas City’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

Now that we have talked about some of the nuts and bolts of mountain biking in Kansas City, we would like to share a few of our favorite trails! This is certainly not an exhaustive list, as KC has miles of trails ranging from paved paths through natural areas and connecting neighborhoods, to rugged single-track terrain through the woods. (Click here for some of the best paved trails anywhere in the Midwest! )


Swope Park

Smithville lake

Walnut Woods

Wyco (Wyandotte County Park)

Shawnee Mission Park


Above is a great start to some epic mountain biking across Kansas City, although certainly not exhaustive! With the growing MTB scene in Kansas City, there are also plenty of “secret” trails to be found once you locate some local guides who know the area and can point you in the right direction! So whether you are just passing through or are here for good, there is a trail and a challenge for all to be found in Kansas City.

Happy Trails!


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