4 Easy And Cheap Ways To Liven Up Your Patio This Spring!

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liven up your patio

4 {easy and cheap} ways to

Liven Up Your Patio This Spring


The cold and gray gloom of winter months is quickly slipping from mind and being replaced by daffodils, robins’ eggs, and green lawns. With the season’s change, it’s time to ready your patio for spring and summer fun and entertaining!

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much time or money to take your outdoor area from dull to exciting. Whether you plan on spending leisurely afternoons relaxing with a cold glass of lemonade, or entertaining guests with elaborate dinner parties, with just a little bit of creativity you can make your patio the place to be!


1.  Pressure-Wash Winter Away!


As winter’s snow melts, it often leaves behind trash, mud, dirt, and grime that’s been hidden beneath fluffy white drifts for months.

Why not give your patio a fresh start with a thorough cleaning? Whether you are working with a wooden deck, or stone patio, get a hold of a pressure washer and be amazed by how a simple cleaning can do wonders to the look and feel of your yard as you step outside.

Just be careful not to use too powerful of a nozzle on your wooden deck, or you may cause damage. A 25-degree to 40-degree nozzle should do the job well without harming your wood. Also be sure to use a deck-specific pressure-washing detergent, and to thoroughly rinse it off when the job is complete.

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light bulb flowers

2. Liven Things Up With Some Flowers!

Give spring a head start in your yard by creating some fun, colorful flower displays. Whether you place a simple vase of wildflowers on the patio table, or plant some perennials inside of paint buckets or colorful rain boots– flowers go a long way to adding color, life, and a festive atmosphere to your outdoor area.

Another idea: Plant a herb garden right off your wooden deck or patio. Herbs are hearty and easy to care for, and they add an element of beauty and fragrant aroma to your outdoor area. It also never hurts to have some fresh basil growing right out your kitchen window when preparing pesto or pizza for your dinner guests!

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3. Invite Some Feathered Friends

This might just be one of the easiest things you can do to add life to your outdoor area: hang a bird feeder! Or, perhaps hang ten bird feeders.

It might take a few days to a week for your new feathered friends to notice your invite and make their way over; but once they do, you’ll have wildlife dancing from tree to tree from sunrise to sunset.

Want to make things a little extra festive? Put some old wine bottles or glass growlers to good use and make these decorative glass bird feeders: 


wine feeder



mason jar lanterns4. Add Some Glow!

Finally, for those dinner parties that run long and leisurely into the evening, add some enchanting glow to your patio with creative patio lighting.

With just a few simple supplies (most of which you might already have stashed in a closet somewhere) such as mason jars, tin cans, ribbon, decorative pebbles, votive candles, or LED Christmas lights, you can add a whole lot of enchantment to a beautiful evening spent outdoors.

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