Leaky Window Repair – Put An End To Drafts And Moisture

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Leaky Window Repair

What You Need To Know About Draft Or Moisture Leaks


Cold air is not the only nuisance of a leaking window. A window with leaks presents an array of issues and threats to your home, including damage to your interior walls and flooring. A window allowing moisture in may also result in mold, sometimes within the walls where it can go undetected.

The expenses that come along with a leaky window can range from higher utility costs due to a drafty window, to expenses for fixing a broken window pane, or a full window replacement, to water damage repair. So it is best to make sure the issues are properly diagnosed by a qualified contractor, and fully corrected as soon as possible. Here’s what you should know about leaky window repair.


A Drafty Window

If your window is allowing cold air into your home, making you uncomfortable with both the temperature of your house, and your higher utility bills, then your possible fixes are limited.

A short term option is to be sure that there are no gaps in the window frame letting drafts in. New glazing or sealant can curb some of the intrustion. Another inexpensive option is to seal the window off with plastic. But besides being unsightly, this also renders your windows inoperable.

If the gaps in your window seal are to this point, then you may want to consider having a professional come in, and possibly replace your windows. Your windows are often the most inefficient part of your home, but a good insulated window can make a world of difference in comfort, efficiency, and looks.


A Window Allowing Moisture In

A drafty window is one thing. A window that is allowing water into your home is a whole different matter. When water makes its way into your home through a leaky window, you could be looking at more extensive damage. Water leaking inside may further damage the window frame itself, your interior walls, and even flooring and carpeting. Intruding moisture can also cause dangerous mold to develop within your walls, where you might go on unaware of it for some time. Besides detracting from the value of your home in the future, it can be dangerous for your family!

First of all, unlike a drafty window, this is a problem that we recommend calling in a qualified window contractor for right away. Avoid further damage and headache by letting a professional diagnose the problem, and offer several options for correcting it within your budget. They will also be able to help you find out whether your window is under warranty, and assist you with any insurance claim paperwork.

If your leak is newly developed and relatively small, you might be able to get away with patching the area with caulk, foam backer, or expandable foam. But these fixes are often only temporary, and you are better off in the long run to have the area professionally repaired sooner than later.


Save Yourself Some Money

Whether your window has been slowly leaking for some time, or you just recently noticed signs of leaking, now is the time to address the issues, before the damage becomes more burdensome and expensive.

If you are wary about the cost of possible repairs, rest assured that most contractors will come and inspect your window at no charge to you. A good contractor will work with you to offer the best options within your budget. They may also be able to offer discounts or manufacturer rebates on the materials if paired with other projects such as siding or roofing.

Make sure to work with a contractor who is willing to look into possible insurance claims for you as well. And remember, by having your leaky window repaired now, you will be saving on your utility bills, and sparing yourself from more expensive repairs down the road.


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