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We are proud to bring you the superior siding solution with James Hardie Fiber Cement products.

James Hardie uses an ingenious fiber cement technology to protect both the structure and brilliance of your home’s exterior. There are plenty of Kansas City siding companies to choose from; make sure you choose wisely by using a company that offers superior James Hardie products!


 America’s #1 brand of siding

 James Hardie is backed by:





Superior Products


  • Fire Resistant
  • Protection Against Hail
  • Moisture And Rot Resistant
  • Paint Protection
  • Green Sustainability
  • Unsurpassed Value


Here are just some of the reasons we recommend James Hardie siding for your home:


  • Fire Resistant:  We can’t protect our homes against every disaster, but if fire strikes, James Hardie is there to protect your home through their non-combustible home exterior products, giving your home stronger resistance against fire.
  • Protection Against Hail:  James Hardie is 5 times thicker than vinyl siding, and shields your home against hail and winds up to 150 MPH. Built to protect against hurricane conditions, James Hardie is your best choice for protecting your home against the hail storms of Kansas City!
  • Moisture And Rot Resistant:  Don’t let the humidity or moisture of Kansas City summers damage your home. No matter the weather conditions, James Hardie defends your home against moisture damage and rotting.
  • Paint Protection: Protect the color brilliance of your home. With its unique fade-resistant fiber cement technology, James Hardie preserves the brilliance of your home’s paint colors three to four times longer than wooden siding; saving you an average of $5,000 over 15 years.
  • Green Sustainability: With their focus on providing sustainable products, sustainable raw materials, and sustainable manufacturing, James Hardie siding has become a leader in sustainable building projects across the nation. They are “keeping things green” by focusing on natural, raw materials such as cement, sand, wood fiber and water. (Read more here)
  • Unsurpassed Value: James Hardie offers superior value for your remodeling projects. On average, home owners with James Hardie siding, compared to vinyl, save 14% on their insurance premiums. James Hardie also offers peace of mind with outstanding product warranties.

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