Kansas City Roofers Making a Difference in the Community

Congratulations to our 2017 FREE ROOF giveaway winners, James & Lisa Cox!

Congratulations To The 2016 Winners Of Our Free Roof Giveaway!

Every year, we partner with No Roof Left Behind to give away a free roof to a neighbor in need!

This year we are excited to announce our winners:   Lonnie and Joyce King.

“Grandpa Lonnie is a lung cancer survivor, living with only one lung for eight years now. His wife, Grandma Joyce, was diagnosed with a rare lung breathing disease and also is disabled, leaving them both living on oxygen tanks. They are hardly mobile, and require medicine treatments daily, along with extensive medical bills and costs. They would both give there own clothes off there backs for anyone, and help family, friends, neighbors and strangers all the time. They used to be outside in the garden every day, or fixing cars, the house, cutting trees, and were both very active. Unfortunately, they can barely walk now without being out of breathe. Their roof needs replaced, as it is very old and has leaks from storm damage. They can’t afford claims being on a fixed income with tons of medical costs.”

Community is about neighbors coming together.

It is about building value into each others’ lives and establishing meaningful relationships; it is also about rallying around each other when someone comes on hard times. That is why we were very excited to install a brand new roof on the Kings’ home this fall!