Is Your Kansas City Home Winter Ready?

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Is Your Kansas City Home Winter Ready?


It is difficult to know exactly what winter will look like here in Kansas City. In the past century, Kansas City has seen anywhere from 4.5 inches of snowfall throughout a season, to five and a half feet!

What we can know for certain is this:  Kansas City’s snowfall, ice, and freezing temperatures can all cause damage to our homes. That is why it is important as a home or property owner to make sure your house is winter ready. We’ve compiled a simple list to help you enter into winter with peace of mind, knowing your house is prepared for whatever the weather brings our way.


Safety first- check all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Let’s start with an easy step. Throughout the winter, as windows are closed up and fireplaces and furnaces are working hard to keep us warm, it is a good idea to check in on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace all of them with fresh batteries.


Clear the gutters

Here is another relatively easy step you can take to protect your home during winter. As snowfall heads our way, make sure your gutters are clear of debris such as leaves and sticks from autumn.


Check in on your furnace

Now is the time to have a professional come out to check and service your furnace, to make sure it is working in optimal fashion for winter. If you really want to help your furnace out, also make sure that your air ducts are clear, leaving a clear pathway for warm air to travel throughout your home.


Is your attic insulated?

Proper insulation goes a long way in keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the winter, as well as keeping your utility costs at bay. Don’t keep your furnace or fireplace working in overdrive because the heat is escaping your home. Utilize the warmth by making sure your home is adequately insulated. Sufficient insulation also helps to protect your home from condensation and moisture damage, making sure that excess heat is not building up and hanging out in your attic, where it can lead to too much moisture.

This step of insulation is best performed by a professional. But before you call someone in—make sure that they are a full-service contractor. This will save you time and money. There might be a few other things that you will need a contractor to check on for winter prep, and by hiring a full-service contractor, you can consolidate all of those checkups into one service call.


Does your roof have hail or wind damage from the 2017 storms?

Several times throughout 2017, areas all across Kansas City were hit with damaging hail. These storms left hundreds of thousands of homes compromised and vulnerable to further damage heading into the winter months. Give yourself some peace of mind by having a contractor come out to see whether your roof was affected, and if it needs to be repaired or replaced before the snow and ice arrive.

Start here:  Check our interactive hail map to see whether your home is in an area that was hit by hail this past year.

Rest assured. If your home was indeed hit by hail, our team is specialized in working with your insurance to get you any and all compensation that you may be entitled to for the damage. If you are in a hail-hit area, then the chances are that others in your neighborhood have already received claims in some way or form to help or cover the hail damage. Again, couple this inspection with a checkup on your roofing insulation to save some time!

For further information on how to winterize your home in Kansas City, see our article here.

There you have it! Follow the steps outlined above, and your home will be better prepared to weather the winter. For more information on our own services, check out our full-service information here.

Or to schedule your free inspection, contact us today at (816) 436-2050, or right here on our website!

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