Is James Hardie Siding Worth the Extra Expense?

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Your Home’s Grand First Impression!


Whether you are preparing to sell a house, or looking to give your home a face lift, replacing the siding on your home is one of the best moves you can make.


Siding plays a huge factor in the curb appeal of a house. The difference between old, stained, broken siding, compared to new, vibrant, quality siding, will make all the difference in what type of first impression your home gives off.


But Which Type of Siding is the Best? 


When it comes to superior quality and aesthetics, there is only one option: James Hardie Siding Products.


goodhousekeepingThrough great attention to detail in developing their products, James Hardie has become the #1 Siding brand in America! They are also backed by Good HouseKeeping!


Yes, you will pay a little more to adorn your home in James Hardie Siding, but the old adage is true:  You get what you pay for! And here’s what you get when you invest in James Hardie Siding:


The Superior Benefits of James Hardie Siding Products


  • Fire Resistance
  • Hail Protection
  • Resistant Against Moisture and Rot
  • Color Protection (Won’t Fade!)
  • Sustainable Products
  • Unmatched Value


The James Hardie Advantage


The list above only begins to outline the advantage of choosing James Hardie Siding Products.

With James Hardie covering your home, you can be certain that your home not only looks great, but that it is protected by a unique fade-resistant, fiber cement technology.

James Hardie has gone above and beyond to help you rest assured. Once the job is done, you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful home. How do they do it?


Exceptional Protection Against The Elements


James Hardie Siding employs a unique fiber cement technology to give your home the extra durability and resistance it needs against extreme weather, including: extreme heat and humidity, moisture (rot), hail, and extreme sun exposure.

Not only that, but James Hardie Siding will give you extra peace of mind, knowing that it is a non-combustible home exterior product, meaning it will provide your home with strong resistance against fire.


“Green” Siding


Your choice to go with James Hardie won’t only benefit you, your home, and your family; it also benefits our earth!

James Hardie places a high priority on sustainable manufacturing. In fact, they have become a national leader in sustainable building projects through their use of sustainable raw materials and manufacturing.


So…Is James Hardie Worth the Extra Expense?


We definitely think so. And it helps that homeowners with James Hardie Siding Products (compared to vinyl siding) save an average of 14% on their insurance premiums!

If you are looking to add brilliance and stamina to your home, then James Hardie is absolutely one of the best options!


Want more information? Read more here!

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