3 Valuable Tips For Finding The Right Home Siding Contractor

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Are you looking for a home siding contractor?


Recently we shared 5 Signs It Is Time For A Siding Replacement On Your Home. And now we have some valuable tips to help you remove the frustration from this process, and find the right contractor for your project.


Don’t Choose A Home Siding Contractor Based On “Exclusive Product”

Let’s begin with the reality that not all siding is created equal, however it is very rare that only one contractor has exclusive access to a product you are looking for! There is no siding worth noting that your preferred contractor cannot have access to. Why this is important to note is that once you find a contractor who you like, is skilled, and that you feel you can trust, make sure you ask about any products that you are curious about!

Over the years we have seen, installed and even repaired every siding type on the market and have developed an expansive expertise, don’t write someone off because they do not mention the product that you are looking for! That leads us to the obvious concern of whether or not the contractor you want to use really has any experience installing the product you are looking for.



Building Trust

An important step in any trust-building process is asking for previous jobs that you can go see for yourself. Any contractor should be able to provide for you a couple of jobs that showcase their experience. Their other customers’ experience is also important, so be sure to ask for a few references, and check out the contractor’s reviews online. This can go a long way towards the experience you can expect from your chosen contractor.

Speaking of online reviews, a quick search of online sources such as the BBB, Facebook Business Pages, and Google can also yield some helpful insight into the home siding contractor you are looking into. Keep in mind that all businesses get a broad spectrum of reviews; great to horrible. Pay attention to what the majority of people are saying about this contractor, and ask your contractor about reviews that caught your eye. This can go a long way in establishing expectations and understanding.



It’s About More Than Siding

A great contractor will look beyond only the siding, and will also have a solid understanding of your home as a whole, which will definitely result in a better end-product. A contractor who also does windows will know that some windows are best replaced while the siding is being done, and can recommend replacing one or more problem windows during the project, which will be significantly less costly than doing it down the road. If they are familiar with decks, then they will be able to assess your deck and recommend repairs if needed. During one such siding inspection a deck was found to be only nailed to the exterior, we were able to secure it properly, preventing it from falling off of the house completely!

Part of your home can also sag with age, and an experienced contractor can be sure they raise awnings and replace posts instead of just covering up the problem with new siding. A quality contractor will not try and upsell you on products and services you do not need. Instead, they will offer you professional advice from years (preferably decades) of experience on what improvements your home is truly in need of. Make sure your entire project is handled with care and attention by choosing a quality home siding contractor.

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