8 Tips For Selling Your House In Kansas City

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selling house in kansas city


8 Tips For Selling Your House In Kansas City


Even in a Seller’s Market, home owners still have their work cut out for them when they decide to place their house on the market. If you are preparing to put up that For Sale sign in your front yard, understanding some key strategies can help your home stand out on the Kansas City housing market. Here are 8 important tips to help you sell your home quicker, and at a top dollar price.


Make Your Home Stand Out Among The Rest On The Market


Win Potential Buyers Over At The Curb

It is not all too rare for a potential buyer to pull their car up to the curb, only to give their realtor a nervous look before moving on to the next house. When you fail to consider your curb appeal, you may lose a potential buyer before they ever step through your front door.

Consider some simple and cheap curb appeal boosters such as:

1.  Potted Plants And Flowers. Use pots painted in bright, inviting colors. Make sure to choose plants that require low to no maintenance. You have enough work on your hands preparing for a move to worry about watering the plants every day!

2.  Paint The Front Door. Cover any signs of wear and tear at the entry way by coating your front door and frame in fresh paint. Consider a bright, modern color for your door. It may seem bold at first, but when you choose a bright yet soft color (think sea foam blue, plum, or mustard) you grab attention. Perhaps match the color to the flower pots mentioned in the tip above! Small details such as these communicate that you have placed thought and care into the home.

3.  Play A Game Of Pickup Sticks. Perhaps the greatest (and cheapest) way to boost your home’s curb appeal is to pick up the yard! Clear the yard of any grass clippings, leaves, and sticks. Spread some new mulch. Sweep the front walk. It’s amazing how a little bit of cleanup can transform the look and feel of your front yard and entry way.

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Make Them Feel Welcome At The door

Ok, so you’ve sparked some interest in potential buyers at the curb. Now you need to hook them as they walk in the door. If they feel welcome as they walk in, they’ll have an easier time envisioning themselves living there.

4.  Consider repainting. One of the first things that influences a person as they walk into a house is the smell. Especially in Kansas City, where hot summers and torrential downpours can leave a house smelling musty, this is of vital importance. Although this tip requires a bit more of a time and financial investment, it can go a long way in winning over buyers. When someone walks into a home and is met by the smell of fresh paint, they are reassured that preparation and care have been put into the home to ready it for sale.

5.  Warm lighting. Make a buyer feel welcomed into your home with a few strategically placed lamps. Leave any bright lights off, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a few table lamps.

6.  Clean up the clutter. If you are currently living in the house you are selling, leave a few decorative baskets around. This way, when it comes time for a showing, you can toss any loose books, toys, and blankets into these baskets for easy cleanup. If you have pets, make sure to store away their beds and food dishes. A potential buyer may be deterred if they are met with pet smells or hair.


Reassure Them On Their Way Out

Most buyers (unless they are searching for a flip opportunity or investment property) want to know that the home they are investing in is not going to cause them headaches down the road. In simple, they want to be reassured that their investment is sound, and that the price they are paying won’t come with pesky repair costs. By including in your home listings a few attractive updates, a buyer is more likely to choose your home over one without updates.

Of course, the thought of pouring money into the home you are trying to sell is not too attractive of an idea. This is why it is important to focus on the most strategic updates. Which updates will make the most difference?

7.  They’re Looking For A Solid Roof Over Their Heads! If your roof is only 3 years old, you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing it. However, if there is hail damage, or it is clearly showing wear and tear from old age, then this is one update that you should strongly consider before selling your home. “Brand New Roof!” is highly appealing to a home buyer. Call a local, reputable roofing contractor to come out and perform a free inspection on your roof. You may even qualify for insurance compensation to help cover some of the cost! Make sure you opt for a good warranty. “Double-Lifetime Warranty” goes a very long way in giving a home buyer that reassurance they are looking for!

8.  Windows Are A Deal Breaker. The weather in Kansas City is no joke. From blustery winters to humid summers, the windows on your house play a vital role in keeping your home warm and cozy, or cool and comfortable. Whatever season you are selling your house in, windows can be a deal breaker. If you have leaky, foggy, or cracked windows in your home, call out a local window company to give you a professional inspection and estimate on having them replaced. New windows are a great selling point.


A Little Work Goes A Long Way

By investing some time and money into your house before putting up that For Sale sign, you can greatly decrease the time it spends on the market, and increase the price tag. Look at your home from a buyer’s point of view, consider which of the above tips would make the largest impact on your home’s appeal, call in professionals when needed, and make sure your selling process is a rewarding one!

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