How Would Your Windows Stand Up Against a Home Intruder?

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How many hits from a sledge hammer could your window withstand? How about over 100?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words–well then what about a video?

Check out this video for an astonishing glimpse at a window that will protect your home, belongings, and family against not only a home intruder, but storm and tornado damage, too.


Check this out…


Locks On Windows Are Great, But….


When it comes to protecting your home against an intruder, locks are a no brainer. However, what good are locks if someone can smash through the glass of one of your first-story windows, and gain access to your home? We’re not saying locks aren’t good, but perhaps they are not good enough when it comes to top-knotch protection.

That is why we are strongly advising homeowners to protect their home, belongings, and family by having high-level security glass windows installed on their home. No matter what part of Kansas City you live in, your safety, along with peace of mind, should not be left wanting.

With most homes, the easiest access point for a home intruder is through a window. But now with reinforced frames and locks, along with impossibly strong security glass, you can set your mind at ease.

Don’t leave your home and safety vulnerable. Consider the invaluable advantages of installing high-level security windows on your home.



High-Level Security Windows

Your Affordable Security Option


Security windows are more affordable than you may realize. However, if you are concerned about the added expense of a security window, consider this–you can add a whole lot of protection to your home by installing these only to the first floor of your home, where intruders are most likely to attempt entry.

Installing high-level security windows on your home can also help save you money in the long run–they don’t compromise with energy savings!

These windows help harbor your home with warmth during winter months, and keep you cool during the hot days of Kansas City summers. These savings are something to keep in mind as you consider installing security windows on your home.

Really, when it comes down to weighing the risks of someone entering your home, or a window breaking during a storm or tornado, this investment is well worth it for your protection.

You can also save by working with a contractor who offers low-minimum financing options. So don’t delay, invest in your safety and peace of mind. Call us today at (816) 436-2050, or click here to fill out a form for a free estimate.








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