School’s Out! Check Out These Fun Educational Summer Activities In Kansas City!

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Fun, Educational Summer Activities in Kansas City!


Backpacks are hung up, supplies are stashed away, and summer fun is calling! Perhaps you have plans to ride all five new rides at Worlds Of Fun, or to soar through the air on the new GoApe zipline in Swope Park.

Although class is out, that doesn’t mean that your child’s education has to be put on hold over the summer months. Kansas City is home to many fun and educational activities that you and your child can enjoy during summer break! Here are some of our favorite fun summer educational activities in KC; why not pencil  a couple onto your calendar this season?


Powell Gardens

Why not start your summer fun education off with a stroll through the gorgeous flower beds and natural landscape of Powell Gardens? Don’t miss the Fernery exhibit, on display through July 17, or the Jurassic Garden, Prehistoric Adventure exhibit, thrilling guests of all ages through October 3rd. Get the whole family outside, and glean some new horticultural knowledge for the budding botanist.

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Powell Observatory

Why not take a trip down south to Louisburg, Kansas, and explore the skies at the Powell Observatory? Built in 1985, the Powell Observatory is home to the Ruisinger telescope, which can be used to see galaxies 15 quintillion miles away! Open for public viewing, the telescopes at Powell Observatory make a great educational outing for every aspiring Astronomer.

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Steamboat Arabia Museum

Gain some knowledge of Kansas City history with a trip to the Steamboat Arabia Museum, explained as “a time capsule of life on the American frontier in the mid-nineteenth century.” This museum is home to the largest single collection of pre-Civil War artifacts in the world. Discover the story behind the Steamboat Arabia, which sank just 6 miles south of Kansas City in 1856. This museum is a must-see for every young historian, and a great addition to your summer educational adventure calendar!

After visiting the museum, be sure to check out the local shops and restaurants at the surrounding City Market!

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KC Summer Reading Programs

In between summer educational outings, be sure to stock up on good reading from KC’s fantastic libraries! Why not spend an afternoon at the park with a good book or two? Kansas City’s Summer Reading Programs are a great, fun way to encourage your child to keep learning throughout the summer months!

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A Sweet End To Your Educational Adventures!

After all of that fun learning, why not treat yourselves to a local sweet treat to end a perfect summer evening? Check out Glace Ice Cream, a local favorite, for an impressive selection of hand-made ice creams. Their offerings will always surprise you, ranging from classic favorites, to off-the-wall flavors that you’ll just have to sample! Sit out on the patio and linger over the best ice cream in KC as you talk about everything your child learned on their summer educational adventures!

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