Foggy Window Repair – Know Your Options

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With the temperatures dropping here in Kansas City, pressure changes in between the glass panes of your windows may be causing some unsightly and costly issues.

If your windows are showing signs of foggy condensation in between the glass panes, this is most likely an issue of window seal failure. You can read more about Window Seal Repair, here.

Unfortunately this is a rather common issue, especially with windows on the sunny side of homes, and that you have several options available for restoring your windows.


When is it time to consider repairing or replacing your windows?


A little bit of condensation may not be too big of a concern. But when that condensation begins to hijack your entire window, and is causing a threat to your interior walls and woodwork, this is when you have a real problem on your hands.

It is best to not let things get this bad, where repairs or replacement may prove even more costly. Instead, when you begin noticing consistent moisture building up on your windows, call in a qualified professional to inspect for any damage.


So, what are my options for repairing a foggy window?


You have three main options to consider for addressing foggy windows:  full window replacement, glass pane replacement, or defogging.


Window Replacement

If your windows are showing more signs of aging beyond window fogging, such as cracks in the glass pane, or wood rot in the frame, then a full window replacement is most likely your best option. This is a large investment, so make sure you call a qualified, local contractor with a good reputation and ten or more years in business. 


Glass Pane Replacement

Once a window seal is broken, there is little hope for salvaging the window pane. If condensation is the only issue a window is presenting, and it is a window that was designed for glass replacement and/or a certain type/style, than a glass pane replacement is a good option.


Defogging Windows 

When you begin researching into foggy window repair, Defogging Services are sure to present themselves. However, defogging is a short-term solution. Defogging a window may delay the need for a full window replacement, but it is in no way a complete fix, or any kind of resolution to the real issue at hand, which is most likely a broken window seal. Defogging is still relatively expensive, and so it is often best to spend a little extra, and opt instead for a glass pane replacement, or a full window replacement.


If there is one thing we can convince you of when it comes to repairing your foggy windows, let it be this: call in a qualified professional. Although some window repairs, and even replacement can be done DIY style, windows are an expensive investment, and you want to make sure you don’t misdiagnose an issue, or miss seeing any other issues that a professional knows how to look for.

A good contractor will be able to properly diagnose the root cause of your window fogging, as well as any other possible issues with the window. They can then present you the options for repair or replacement, and help you come up with the best plan of action for restoring your windows.

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