8 Ways To Protect Your Home from Snow and Ice Damage

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A Prediction of Snowfall


There may still be some green grass holding onto memories of summer, but there is no denying that fall is here, and winter is just around the corner.

Blankets of perfect white snow across the landscapes of Kansas City, excited eyes watching the flakes fall outside windows, and little ones laughing with joy while sledding down snow banks; snow always brings a certain amount of awe and magic to the year.

However, there is nothing magical about the damage it can cause to a home.

Winter weather brings with it some new threats to our home that we must remain mindful of, and perform regular maintenance in order to avoid.

Equip yourself with a little knowledge through these 8 tips for protecting your home, and make sure your home stands strong against the temperatures and moisture of winter!


8 Ways to Protect Your Home from Snow and Ice Damage



1.  Before large amounts of snow begin to fall, have your gutters cleared of fall’s leaves and debris, so that water does not back up and freeze inside of your gutters.


2. Make sure your downspouts are directed away from the house, so that as snow begins to melt on your roof and in your gutters, the resulting water trickles away from your home.


3.  Seal any cracks or holes in any outside walls and your home’s foundation.


4.  Keep your attic cool! By maintaining the temperature of your attic at 5-10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature, you can help protect your roof from ice-dam damage.

This damage occurs when the heat from your home causes snow to melt at the middle of your roof, then refreeze at its edges. So make sure your attic is properly ventilated, and seal up any cracks or holes in your ceiling and around fixtures so that heat won’t creep into the attic. Insulate the attic floor, and keep your attic cool to prevent ice-dam damage.


5.  During extreme cold spells, protect your pipes! Wrap exposed pipes in insulation. Keep water trickling through pipes regularly, as moving water is much less likely to freeze. 

You can also leave cabinet doors open in your home, to allow warm air to circulate around pipes.


6.  Watch your roof for snow overload. In the case of extreme snow accumulation, if your roof appears to be sagging, your doors stick or pop open, or you hear cracking or popping noises, call a reputable roofing contractor immediately to rid your roof of the extra weight.


7.  Make sure your roof’s shingles are secure. Snow and ice can cause considerable damage to loose shingles, leaving you with costly repairs to make come spring.


8. Protect your home from flooding. As snow drifts begin to build around your home, remove the snow from doorways, window wells, and walls. As snow drifts melt they can cause water damage to your home.


Maintaining the Magic


Winter is certainly a magical time of the year, full of warm memories surrounding the fireplace, great food, and family gatherings. Following he above steps will help you avoid costly repair services, and free you up to enjoy all magic of winter this year in your home!






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