7 Strategies For Lower Heating Costs This Winter

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7 Strategies to

Lower Heating Costs

Are you tired of watching your heating costs sky-rocket when the temperatures drop? Maybe you woke up to find snow on the ground outside, and a draft throughout your home. Keeping your home warm and comfortable without having to budget for outrageous heating costs can be a challenge. Here are 7 strategies you can use to lower heating costs during the colder months.


Add Insulation In Your Attic

Consider this:  “The Department of Energy estimates that a properly insulated attic can shave 10 to 50 percent off your heating bill” (Thisoldhouse) That’s a good motivation to check the insulation in your attic.

Proper insulation won’t only help keep your winter energy costs at bay; it will also help stabilize your cooling costs in hotter months. Now that sounds like a smart investment. For more on how to insulated your attic, and which materials will work best for your home and budget, click here. 


Set Your Heat To A Schedule

To help control energy costs, you can set your heat to a schedule that works best for your family, as well as your budget.

When you install a programmable thermostat, instead of manually adjusting the heat in your home, you can set it to automatically adjust at certain times. Consider setting your thermostat to a lower temperature during the night, when you can be kept warm by blankets, comforters, and pajamas. You can then set the thermostat to raise the temperature a few degrees warmer an hour or so before you wake up in the morning. And don’t forget to set the temperature low (around 55 degrees), when you’re away on vacation! Click here to find out more about saving on heating costs by installing a programmable thermostat, as well as a suggestion for temperature settings.


Heat Your Home With “Solar Power”—Open Up The Blinds!

A very simple way to warm your house during the day is to employ some “solar power”! Open the curtains and blinds all the way, and allow the sunlight to warm your house for free! This is a great way to heat up a home that has older windows without Low-E treatment. New windows with Low-E treatment will do a fine job to keep cold out in the winter months, and heat out during hotter months.


Unblock All Heat Vents

Take a few minutes to check every vent in your home. Make sure that there is no furniture or other items blocking the airway. Make sure you are not paying extra on your energy bills to heat the back of the couch!


Check For Drafts Coming From Damaged Windows

Leaks in your window seal or a damaged window will wreak havoc on your energy costs. A simple repair can go a long way to sealing up your home and making sure your heat is not escaping, and that the cold air is staying outside where it belongs. Click here to find out more about window seal repair.


Put On A Pot Of Soup!

Warm up the air in your home while you get dinner on the table! Put some hot, hearty soup on the stovetop to simmer, bake some rolls, or perhaps some cookies for dessert. Cooking is a great way to warm up the air in your home, and you’ll be happy come dinner time! While you’re at it, put on a kettle for hot tea. Drinking hot tea or coffee is a great way to warm your body and your kitchen, without the extra energy expenses.


Check For Tax Deductions

Adding insulation to your home as well as installing a programmable thermostat are more than just an investment in energy savings—they can also save you money on your taxes! Be sure to check if you are eligible for tax deductions after you make certain energy-saving improvements to your home.

So the next time you feel a chill from the weather outside, or from your heating bill, consider these alternative ways to keeping your home warm in the winter. You’ll be surprised by the simple changes that can make a big impact on your energy savings!



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