4 Tips For How To Sell A House In Winter

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sell a house in winter

How To Sell A House In Winter


Selling a house can be very exciting. It can also be a lot of work—especially if you are trying to sell that house in winter.

Selling a house during the colder months can present some extra challenges for a seller. For one, the market is slower during snow-covered months, as buyers are not particularly interested in taking on a moving project while the ground is covered in snow. Who wants to trudge through snow drifts with heavy boxes and furniture?

Many realtors will encourage home owners to wait a few extra months, until the ground thaws and the daffodils bloom, to list their home for sale. But perhaps you are on a timetable, and need to list your house sooner.

Don’t let extra house showings and time on the market distract you from the joys of the holiday season. Follow these tips to increase your chances of putting up a “SOLD!” sign in your front yard sooner!


Price aggressively

You probably have a number in mind for what you would like to list your house for. If you are using a realtor, don’t be surprised if they suggest a lower number. Consider the fact that, when a house remains on the market for an extended time, potential buyers might become nervous. They might ask themselves, Why is that house not selling? Is there something wrong with it?

The chances are that if you are listing your house for sale in the winter months, you are eager to close the deal. So why not price it to sell?


Make it inviting

Snow drifts don’t count as curb appeal. Put some extra care into the outside of your home. The weather is cold enough. Don’t let your home look cold, too. Perhaps an extra coat of paint on the window frames or shutters, in warm colors, will be just the touch that leads a potential home buyer to schedule a showing.

If it has recently snowed, shovel any walkways and clear the driveway, and make sure to clear away any muddy snow slush.


Warm it up inside

If potential homeowners have spent their morning driving from house to house, bundled up and weary of the cold, then making your house warm and inviting can go a long way. This is easier if you are still living in the house you are selling.

You can go the extra mile by repainting the inside in warm colors. Or perhaps do something as simple as placing a vase of flowers on the counter. You could also print out some photos of what the yard looks like in spring and summer months, and place them on the counter to give buyers an idea of what they are investing in. You might also consider baking up a batch of cookies before home showings, to make the house smell of fresh-baked treats.


Make your house shine

Winter can be a bit dark and dreary sometimes. Make sure your house is well-lit. Open blinds and curtains, and strategically place lamps around to make your house shine. The last thing you want is for a prospective buyer to feel like they are walking into a cave.


Make your house stand above the rest

The truth is, if you are listing your house for sale during the winter months, you might need to remain flexible. You might take a little bit of a hit on the price, or your house might spend a couple of extra weeks on the market. These things are simply a little more challenging during the low season of realty. However, buyers are still looking. And following the steps above can help your home stand above the rest on the market.

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